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And then take a taxi because its cheap and [usually] air-conditioned..

Today I had my translation class and my writing comprehension class. My professor in my translation class speaks rapidly, but I have no trouble understanding her (provided the a/c isn't making so much noise that I can't concentrate). I feel accomplished at my level of comprehension when listening to someone speak. Generally, it's a good thing because I can pick up on a lot and, when I can't understand exactly what's being said, I can string together the words I do know and do some quick thinking to try and develop an understanding. However, it must be emphasized that my listening comprehension is good at the sacrifice of my speech production. I freeze up when someone is asking me a question in Spanish. For example, today I was purchasing some stamps [sellos] at the Estanco and did not realize that, here, stamps come in individual quantities, you ask for however many you need. My friend informed me later that this is possible at the post office in the states as well but, having only ever bought books of stamps in my past: I had no idea. So when I asked for stamps and the man at the counter just stared at me [waiting for me to state how many I needed], I was internally having a panic attack ("what else am I supposed to say? Maybe that wasn't the right word? Why won't he just say something to give me a clue as to what else I'm supposed to do??). All turned out well in the end and I got my stamps.

I need to start taking some pictures of the food that I'm eating and upload it here.

For breakfast, I generally eat toast and drink a cup of coffee. For lunch, it ranges amongst a wide variety (today I had some chicken in a creamy, delicious sauce that was mildly garlic and onion flavored and a bowl of lightly cooked mushrooms). Dinner is a wide variety as well; today was a bocadillo and some sort of spinach concoction (which was yummy). And of course, bread with it all.

My host mom asked me at lunch if I liked mushrooms and I told her I did, because I do. Then she proceeded to joke with me about that I'm allowed to not like things and I should tell her if there's something she serves that I don't like. At dinner, she asked the same question about spinach. I told her then that there aren't many foods that I don't like, which she found funny since she has been witnessing it firsthand.
We have both been concerned about a cat that keeps howling from one of the buildings next to ours. After dinner tonight, I thought I had spotted it in the street, but it was only another cat coming to investigate. There are lots of animals here and very few leashes. Overall, however, I think the animals tend to stay with their owners a little better than pets do off-leash back home. We listened to a bunch of dogs barking the other night, which my host mom jokingly called "the lost symphony". I like her sense of humor, it makes it easier for me to talk to her.

Stephanie comes to visit Wednesday night!!! I'm super excited. We are planning on spending till Saturday morning here and then heading to Cádiz for the weekend. It should be a good time. The group seems to have found some sort of river-boating that you can do in the Guadalquivir, along with a glass of tinto and armed with my camera: it should make for some pretty photos.

The catchy song my dad showed me a few month's ago seems to be playing everywhere here, which is good because it's an enjoyable song. I just find it kind of funny that I never heard it anywhere in the states except at home and here it's playing around every corner ("Au si eu te pego").

I should probably get to sleep so that I can wake up when my alarm goes off and double check that all my homework is done!

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