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Today I met the other adventurers that are studying abroad this semester. Everyone seems to get along well so that makes me happy. Earlier, we explored Real Alcàzar de Sevilla. I also figured out that here, they pronounce the double l 'll', which I learned as 'eyay', as 'ehjay'. At least that's how I think it would be spelled, but who knows! The Alcàzar was BEAUTIFUL! So very, very pretty. I plan on going back to explore it more soon.

We have a walk through the city scheduled this evening and then some of us plan on sangria and tapas. Yet! More to come, my tablet is struggling, needs to charge!

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She came by plane, by train, and by taxi

What a whirlwind of a trip to Sevilla

I am officially in Spain and I managed to make it to Sevilla. Thank goodness. I don't think it would have gone as smoothly without my new friends that I met. You never know who you'll meet on a plane! I received a personal tour of Madrid and they helped to make sure I made it to the train station and, more importantly, the correct platform. It was an amazing day, although not without a ton of stress about not being able to let my parents know I'm here, a headache, and a long nap. The food I've had so far has been wonderful. This morning I tried my first pincho de tortilla, or Spanish omelet, and YUM.

I will put up some of the pictures I took today in the photo gallery but I am on my tablet so I just took pictures of the pictures I took, and they are therefore bad quality. When I find an adapter with a grounding prong, I will actually upload them but I refuse to try and mcguiyver it and electricute myself.

It has certainly been an experience so far. My host family is very nice and accommodating but speak very little English, which will be wonderful practice but my brain hurts from over processing at the moment. I am exhausted though, probably going to get to sleep in a little. First, however, I am researching cell phone plans because I am hoping to get that done tomorrow so I don't have to be stressed later if I get lost. I think I will get one with internet so I can use the navigation.

All is well :).

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Daunting and Daring

Nerves and Excitement

One more night in the USA.
It's sinking in and it's definitely scaring me, but it's also leaving me breathless with anticipation. Who knows if I will even be able to get to sleep tonight, which I guess will be proactive in combating my impending jet lag. I'm super nervous about the thought of completely leaving my comfort zone; it's reminiscent of when I first arrived at college. It's frightening to not know anyone and I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for it. The other nerve-inducing thought is that my Spanish is nowhere near perfect. I know it will improve drastically over my time in Spain, so long as I work at it. However, thinking about the first few weeks of adjustment is a wee bit scary.

Okay, moving on from my internal reflection, here is my version of the "Study abroad in Seville packing list"
(If you check out my photo gallery, you can find a picture of my kitty Cuervo trying to help, or trying to prevent, my progress in packing)
The best thing about most of the clothes I packed is that they are lightweight and fold up small
Sundresses [several of different colors]
High-waisted skirts [several of both dressy/fancy and fun]
Nice dresses [one burgundy, one black, and one beige]
Shorts [two pairs of nice shorts and two pairs of running shorts]
Tank tops [several of different colors and one dressy tank top, cream colored]
Dress pants [one pair]
Jeans [one pair]
Cardigans [two black of different styles and one grey with polka dots :D]
Blouses [two lightweight and flowy]
Ankle boots [one pair high/fancy and one pair low/comfortable]
Flats [one pair black]
Wedges [one pair mary jane style, very comfortable walking shoes]
Heels [one pair red and one pair blue- just for fun :D]
Running shoes
Bikinis [two]
House slippers
Socks [low and ankle]
Sports bras

Toothpaste [two bottles]
Toothbrush [two pack]
Floss stick pack
Band-aid pack
First aid spray
Ibuprofin bottle
Disposable razors [one pack]
Contact solution [large bottle along with small one in carry-on]
Contact cases [two in luggage and one in carry-on]
Body wash
Soap [four bars- excessive? maybe, but who knows :p it is for 4 months!]
Shampoo and conditioner [regular size bottles]
Deodorant [two travel size ones and one regular size]
Straightener [just in case!]
Other hair supplies [feels obnoxious if I list them all

Cell phone [plan on using it for an alarm when I get there]
iTouch [maybe to use for navigation]
Chargers for all devices
Travel adapter [picked up at Best Buy for ~$35 and it's multi-country]

That's all for now! I'm getting up nice and early tomorrow to get everything finished before heading over to the airport!!

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The Inane and Exceedingly Frustrating

The Art of Packing

Here I am.

Procrastinating: a skill I have perfected. I am setting up my travel blog in lieu of actually packing for my travels. Well, how typical of me.
Moving on, I have been having trouble deciding exactly what clothes to bring. I have no idea of the styles over in Spain and worry about bringing a bunch of clothes that I won't wear. My room currently looks like a tornado has swept through. My indecision is perpetuating this disaster. I also need to get my power of attorney done, although that's looking iffy unless I can find a notary on Labor Day (unlikely). Also I need to make my Host family's gift; I already have two other things that I am bringing for them but this one will be handmade my me, which I think makes it a little more special.

Okay, so basically the purpose of this entry is to establish that I am resolving to make some form of an entry every day while I am abroad, starting today and ending when I return to the United States. This entry could just be a photo, a few words, or a quick video at the minimum but will hopefully be much more each day.

I just needed to put it down in writing so that I can hold myself accountable :). Now, back to packing! Perhaps I will upload a picture of the end results of my packing ventures.

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