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The Rain in Spain

Falls heavily when it chooses to fall in Sevilla

Sorry for the brief hiatus from blog writing. I had my cousin come visit, we went to Cadiz and had a blast enjoying the wonderfully weather. I am also sufficiently more tan. I am actually amazed at how much tanner I am. The equivalent of getting this tan back home would take maybe a week or two at a beach (starting with a decent summer base-tan). I actually got super tan in two days. Cadiz was wonderful, the sun stays up until maybeeee 8:30 there, so we were on the beach till at least 7 both days. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Also, before the trip to Cadiz [Friday afternoon], we went to wander around [got lost again -.-] and found a new area with shops, which was interesting and new. We didn't do very much shopping but it was fun to find a new place [if I can ever find my way back there]. We also found a lovely place to sit by the river, which we did because I was getting massive blisters from the shoes that I was wearing [again! I don't think my feet have ever experienced this much walking in new-ish shoes]. We made friends with a hilarious guy who we could barely communicate with. After some time, we figured out why I had trouble understanding his seemingly fluent Spanish: he was Romanian. He spoke Spanish very well but with a thick accent, which I struggled with. He jumped in the river [not sure that's advisable] as did his friend. We think his friend only spoke Romanian and French and, therefore, did not try to communicate with us very much. He asked us how to say the word 'sucio in English [in reference to the water] and we told him "dirty", to which he repeated something that could only resemble "gurgitgty". He also had trouble pronouncing my name [it came out "kwethen" or something like that]. I would say this could have been normal, as I know absolutely nothing about the Romanian language. The only problem with that was he pronounced Cristal just fine and a few 'd' words as well. I didn't understand it but it was quite entertaining and he obviously enjoyed that it made us laugh because he every once in awhile would screech it, just to watch us dissolve into giggles. At one point, he also confused the new 'words' that he had learned and started pointing at the water and saying his version of my name, which also provided a minute or so where I couldn't exactly breathe because I was laughing so hard. They were super friendly although our communication was very limited.

Of course, immediately upon returning I started to feel a little off and then, come Tuesday, I felt horrendous. I didn't go to classes Tuesday or Wednesday. Actually, to be more clear, did not even leave the apartment. Although, now I feel much, much better and I'm so glad. I treated myself to two days of laying in bed watching the first two seasons (well, the episodes I hadn't seen) of Covert Affairs. It was some good home-style comfort food [for the soul]. Just watching it made me feel better. My host mom was super sweet and gave me medicine and tea, all sorts of things to try and make me feel better. I was slightly frustrated by how much she wanted to chat with me while I was sick, as it only made me feel more sick trying to concentrate on Spanish, but I know it was all good-intentions and I appreciated her concern.

I am currently sitting in the library of the university typing this blog entry because I have a break between my two classes that I have today. It's actually kind of funny because my Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days when I have my English-speaking classes and Mondays/Wednesdays I have my Spanish-speaking classes. Today, it is pouring, which is interesting to see, considering it is only rumored to rain about 5 days a year here. I will celebrate it as something I get to see of Sevilla that I may have missed out on entirely :).

I'm also super excited because my boyfriend has notified me that he will be coming to visit at the end of October, so he'll get to be here for his birthday!!! Also, I believe he will be here to celebrate the anniversary of when we first met, which marks the beginning of our four years together (cheesy, I know :p we don't celebrate too many things but this is one for sure).

To make things even better, my parents said they're planning on coming to visit in mid-October :). Being sick helped me to realize just how much I missed home and the comfort of it all.

A different country is strange, refreshing, and exhilarating but also confusing, frustrating, and exciting.

Above all, life is about immersing yourself in the unknown and making it known. Different is only different when you don't yet understand it.

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