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Tread carefully when selecting ATMs at night

But not for the reasons you might expect

On the way home from dinner Thursday, I decided to stop at an ATM that was right along the way, rather than go out of my way to the one I normally go to [granted, it's only very slightly out of my way]. Everything was going as per a usual ATM transaction, until when I thought it asked me if I wanted a receipt (it actually was telling me that the printer wasn't working and asking if I still wanted to proceed). In my defense, it was in the same spot where they always ask you if you want a receipt. I was functioning on auto-pilot so, of course, I read it as I pushed the button and then realized I had cancelled my transaction. What happens next.. oh boy. The usual "please take your card" appeared but did my card? No, definitely not. The machine ate it. Who does this happen to?? Anyway, considering it was quite literally midnight and the bank was closed, my only choice other than dismantling the ATM was to head home. This resulted in a long process of my dad helping me call the bank [me skyping him, him on the phone with them] and repeating all the silly nonsense they need to confirm that I was actually me and not some pretender (multiple times, mind you). Finally, we cancelled that card. Phew!

I'm excited because my friend's intercambio may have a friend that would be up for intercambio, since the school doesn't understand me at all. My intercambio never responded to my email, which I sent on the first day, or my text message, which I sent about a week after the email. I went in later in the day that I sent the text and they said that they would get in contact with him and get back to me. Never happened [this was maybe 2 weeks ago]. A few days ago, they emailed us saying that if we want a new intercambio, we need to email them before the following day because after that they aren't assigning any new ones. Of course, I immediately emailed them. The response I received said "here are the details of your intercambio" and (can you guess??) they sent me the same guys information. I'm not sure if they intended that to be a new one or thought maybe that somehow I had lost his information. I have no idea. I, again, immediately responded to tell them I think there was some sort of misunderstanding and that I had already tried to contact him with no response. I told them that I would like to be assigned a new intercambio. I received no response :(. So, I must strike off on my own on the quest for an intercambio [should be interesting].

In other news, I have somehow misplaced my hairbrush. Now let me tell you, this is extremely annoying. Luckily for me, my hair is short enough to comb through with my fingers. However, I am at a loss as to where it could be! My room is rather organized and it seems strange that it would be lost. Perhaps it is folded into a pile of clothes somehow, who knows.

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