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Marruecos, Roma, y padres 10.22.2012
Si algo puede salir mal, saldrá mal. 10.05.2012
Tread carefully when selecting ATMs at night 09.29.2012
The Rain in Spain 09.27.2012
The only way to find anything in Sevilla 09.21.2012
Walk till your feet are about to fall off 09.17.2012
Embrace the moment 09.15.2012
Sleepy, sleepless, and with a slight sinus infection.. 09.13.2012
Words, words, palabras 09.11.2012
Gaining a new understanding 09.07.2012
Walk, adjust, understand 09.06.2012
She came by plane, by train, and by taxi 09.05.2012
Daunting and Daring 09.03.2012
The Inane and Exceedingly Frustrating 09.02.2012